When I was young and I got in trouble I got grounded from the TV, now a days kids get grounded from their cell phones and laptops.  Well these clever parents decided to take their daughters punishment to a whole new level.Their teenage daughter apparently got "fresh" with them, so they did what most parents do, they grounded her.  They took away her cell phone.  But as if this wasn't punishment enough they decided it would be funny to tamper with her Facebook, and it ended up being hilarious.

When you're a teenager, your parents are already a little bit embarrassing.  Even if they don't mean to be, they sometimes are.  They got back at her on social media so all of her friends could see. They took photos of themselves posing like her and her friends and uploaded them to facebook.  Her brother uploaded the photos to Reddit, and the rest is history.

What do you think? Was this totally wrong, or did the punishment fit the crime?  I'm going with the latter of the two!


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