A mom from Machesney Park, Illinois needs the community's help locating her daughter's beloved stuffed kangaroo named 'RooRoo' which was lost at a local restaurant on Saturday.

Stuffed Animal Obsession

At some point during their lives, most kids have that one stuffed animal that they CANNOT live without.

For my oldest daughter, it is her beloved Teddy who has gone EVERYWHERE with her since she was about 6 months old. (She even makes "cakes" with her Easy Bake Oven for Teddy on his birthday).

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After 9 years of love, sweet Teddy has seen way better days.  I often find myself worrying about how my daughter will handle the day when Teddy is too old and tired to be repaired, so I truly understand the panic a Machesney Park Mom named Allison Sooter is currently experiencing. My heart is absolutely breaking for Allison's daughter Iris right now.

Have You Seen RooRoo?

Allison's daughter Iris has a VERY special relationship with her RooRoo, and she depends on her stuffed companion to get through some tough things in life. Iris is LOST without him, and I'm hoping we can all help this bonded pair reunite very soon.

Here is the desperate message Allison shared on Facebook over the weekend...

When you look through those pictures, it is evident that RooRoo is well-loved, and I'm really hoping that the family who went home with RooRoo did it accidentally.

If you were at the Golden Chopsticks Buffet in Loves Park over the weekend and mysteriously ended up with a stuffed kangaroo in your family, please return him to a child who desperately misses and needs him.

If you've seen RooRoo or know where he could be, please message Allison, here.

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