Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Photos
This year has been a major challenge for the elves as they have had to deal with safety precautions from COVID and making sure to follow all safety guidelines from Santa. That doesn't mean they haven't kept up their mischief.
Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Photos
Lots of children receive a visit from a very special Elf each year. These elves are the eyes and ears of Santa all around the world. Sometimes they get themselves into hilarious antics and local parents are sharing what they've caught on camera!
The Parent Trap
Misery loves company. It's human nature. So what better way to spread that misery than by coercing people into the lifelong commitment of raising children.
Oh, gross!
by Kathleen Albin
It's that time of year; the end of the school season.  Reason to rejoice for parents and
students alike.  It's sort of a build up to this point.  Returning from spring break, we  turn our attention to the few short weeks remaining til that holy grail - s…
Selena Gomez Fires Her Parents as Her Managers
Selena Gomez is notoriously close with her family, namely her mom Mandy and her stepfather Brian Teefey. However, despite their personal tightness, Sel is severing the professional ties. She has reportedly fired them from their roles as her managers.
Embarrassing Facebook parents
When I was young and I got in trouble I got grounded from the TV, now a days kids get grounded from their cell phones and laptops.  Well these clever parents decided to take their daughters punishment to a whole new level.

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