Burger Week is underway here in Owensboro.  In addition to $6 burgers available at 24 different Owensboro restaurants, there's a fun social media contest going on as well.  Anyone who eats a $6 burger is encouraged to share a photo of themselves with that burger on social media.  Everyone that shares at least three photos is going to be entered into a contest for a Mini Green Egg from Green River Appliance.

Well, good luck beating this kid.  Cameron Malone of Owensboro, who trains at Owensboro Dance Theatre, has become as big of a star during Burger Week as the burgers themselves.  The 11-year-old has been posing for some pretty epic Burger Week photos at some of the participating locations.

Cameron Malone's Epic Burger Week Photo Shoot

Cameron, as you can imagine, has become quite a hit on local social media. I can tell you that he was THE topic of conversation Wednesday during my Burger Week judging panel.  Naturally, I was curious how this idea came about.  I chatted with Cameron's dad, Jarrod, who says he knew there were some cool prizes up for grabs and, "I have a child that can do things with his body that most people wouldn’t even attempt. I got home from work and grabbed Cameron and ran to Dee’s Diner."  And you've seen the result!

Cameron's photos are getting a lot of attention and people are loving them.

Rocky Ebelhar says- I hurt just seeing the pictures haha!

Tracie Casey-Jones added- Looks yummy... But does that kid have any bones in his body? I pulled a muscle looking at these pictures!
Samantha Tapp Bacon commented- I’m sure the burger is great BUT...look at that kid!!!!
And Cori Carter Douglas said- Please tell me you'll making these posts all week.
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Well, the good news is that Cameron's dad, Jarrod, says they'll probably be taking some more photos. Last night, they went to Wonder Whip and staged three more!

Cameron's Wonderful Wonder Whip Photos

Jarrod works for CRS OneSource and understands, first hand, just how the restaurant industry has been hit by and affected by COVID-19. He says, "Only by the grace of God, and being able to think outside the box, are these places even still open today." And, certainly, Burger Week is an outside-the-box idea that's generating a bunch of foot traffic and business for the participating restaurants.  For instance, on Day 1 of Burger Week, one Owensboro restaurant sold 220 of its specialty burger!
And speaking of outside-the-box, Cameron's photos have set the bar!  He took some time off from doing the splits this morning to chat with Angel and me on the WBKR morning show.
This kid has a busy spring ahead.  In addition to establishing himself as one of the social media breakout stars of Owensboro's Burger Week, he has a big performance coming up in Owensboro Dance Theatre'sThe Little Mermaid.  Those performances are scheduled for Saturday, March 20th and Sunday, March 21st.  If his Burger Week photo shoot is any indication, Cameron's going to steal the show.

The $6 Burgers Featured in Owensboro's Burger Week

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