Fun, delicious and juicy news this morning!  Visit Owensboro and the City of Owensboro have joined forces for Burger Week, an exciting and tasty week-long "showcase" of the city's signature burgers from restaurants here in Owensboro-Daviess County.

And here's the cool thing.  ANY local restaurant that serves burgers is eligible to participate.

According to Dave Kirk with Visit Owensboro, "During Owensboro Burger Week, each participating restaurant will sell a burger of their choosing for $6 including tax."  Whoa!  Wait.  What?  $6 burgers across town for a week????  YES!!!!  I am here for it.  Plus, each participating restaurant will decide how large the burger will be, what kind it will be and if it comes with sides. Many local restaurants have already signed up for Burger Week.

And for some extra fun, there will be a "tasting panel" comprised of local celebrities and food critics.  They will judge all the burgers from each of the participating restaurants and, for added suspense, they'll have no idea where each burger came from.  That panel of judges will select an overall winner, who will claim the Burger of the Year bragging rights and receive a traveling trophy to display until the next Burger Week.

Plus, there will be a contest for local folks who want to participate and, as Angel says, "shovel burgers in their mouths all week."  There will be prizes up for grabs for folks who share their Burger Week experiences on social media.  More details will follow.

In the meantime, grab a bib and save the date!  Burger Week is March 2nd through the 6th!  For more information and a map of participating restaurants, visit the website

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