One of Indiana's most infamous and notorious cases of demonic possession is making headlines again, this time because Netflix wants to make a movie about it. In fact, Netflix really, really wants to make a movie about it - enough to shell out a cool $65 million for the film rights to the story of what has become known as the "Demon House" exorcism.

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I'll tell you more about the new movie in a minute, but first I think you need to know a little bit about the source material, and what makes it different from every other haunted house story.

The Real 'Demon House' Case

The story goes back to 2011, way up north in Gary, Indiana, where a woman named Latoya Ammons, along with her mother and her three children started noticing paranormal activity in their home. We're not just talking about the occasional door shutting on its own, or some lights flickering - we're talking about some serious, shut-the-eff-up type stuff. Latoya reported seeing her children levitating and walking up the doggone wall, and speaking in some kind of horrible voice. And believe me when I say that mom wasn't just seeing things or exaggerating. Several other people, including a police officer, a nurse, and a DCS caseworker reportedly witnessed some of this spooky behavior.

Latoya tried to 'cleanse' the house herself by performing a number of different rituals, but nothing seemed to work. They decided to call in the big guns, a Catholic priest named Father Michael Maginot, from nearby Merrillville, IN. After interviewing the family, Father Maginot determined they were, in fact, being tormented by demons, and agreed to perform an official exorcism (he actually ended up performing three exorcisms).

Latoya and her family eventually moved to Indianapolis, leaving the 'Demon House' to sit empty for several years. In 2014, the home was purchased by Zak Bagans, who you most likely recognize from Ghost Encounters or one of his many other paranormal programs. In 2016, Zak had the home destroyed, but not before making the documentary Demon House.

The 'Demon House' on Netflix

While we don't know exactly what the new movie is going to be about, we do know the script was written by Lee Daniels, who will also direct and produce. The character that is based on Latoya Ammons will be portrayed by singer/actress Andra Day. Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things is set to portray one of the children. It's reported that Hollywood A-listers Glenn Close and Octavia Spencer will have supporting roles as well. There are no more details at this time, and certainly nothing concrete - this is just what's being reported.


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