Today is the 1st of November and people are already claiming "IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!" I don't think that's true it all, so I posted on Facebook to see if other people felt the same way.

Christmas Tree

Only one day removed from Halloween and I'm seeing ELF memes and people planning Christmas lists. I can't handle it. I think the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving. That's when I put up my tree. Anyway, here is what some of you had to say!

Christmas 1

Geri agrees with my start date. And she's definitely right about stores getting Christmas stuff out sooner and sooner. About a decade ago, I worked at a craft store with a rhyming name that started getting shipments of Christmas trees in May. That's not OK!

Christmas 2

Brittany starts a little bit sooner than Geri and starts doing the Christmas thing on Thanksgiving night. I commend Brittany for being able to move after all the Thanksgiving food that night, yet alone putting up decorations!

Christmas 3

Sean wants to crack down on Christmas even more. He does make a solid point though: If Halloween only gets one month, why should Christmas get longer? I like the way you think!

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