I asked, you answered — a lot.

Last Friday I wrote about five businesses I've visited in other cities that I'd like to see find a home here in Evansville. Feel free to peruse through them when you have a minute.

Figuring there were more than a few I may have missed, I put the question out there for you to answer on our Facebook page. The answers ranged from more restaurants to specific department stores, to a bar or two, and of course it wouldn't be Facebook if there wasn't one dissenter who chimed in to poo-poo the whole concept. But hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion, this is 'Merica after all, right? U-S-A! U-S-A!

Here's what some of you had to say:

  • Ashley Mabrey - IKEA, Trader Joe's, Cheesecake factory
  • Kim Schaefer DeHart - Howl at the Moon!!!!!
  • Chastidy Mayes - ...TCBY, used 2 be my whip, lol!!
  • Carra Compton - jack in the box!!!!!
  • Liz Harper - Melting pot or California pizza kitchen
  • Katie Cumbee - Mellow Mushroom hands down!!!!
  • Ashley McReynolds - Mellow Mushroom, Cheesecake Factory, H&M, and Ikea
  • Tiffany Volk - Cheesecake factory, cabela's, bass pro shop
  • Jamie Nicole Jones - PFchangs
  • Bridget McDonald - Panda Express
  • Russell Brown - Mellow Mushroom Pizza maybe Tijuana Flatts
  • Mitchell Boyle - Carabbas
  • Amanda Jones - Ruby Tuesdays or any restaurant with a good salad bar.
  • Brooke Weisling - Howl at the Moon Louisville!! Except obviously with Evansville at the end. Its probably the most fun place Ive ever been! We need one!
  • Jessica Halbert - Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Haleigh Huck - MAC COSMETICS
  • Craig Beckwith - A what a burger or jack in the box
  • Barbara Harris Portman Lord - Buca de Beppo!
  • Krystalyn Marie - PUBLIX!!
  • Lesley Howell Kell - TOPS BBQ like straight out of Memphis TN....YUMMY!!!
  • Nickie Peak Frye - Besides some other thing people have already posted (TCBY and Mellow Mushroom) I would love a Macaroni Grill and a What a Burger.
  • Alexis Denae Tindell - Umm, In-N-Out (riiiight), See's Chocolates, smoothie places (Blender's, Jamba Juice, etc), Trader Joe's... Evansville has nothing!
  • Steven Muehlbauer - Discovery Zone
  • Devin Milburn - Bo jangles and ikea
  • Misty Dawn Medcalf - Jaba juice!
  • Chelsi Carter Grove - Pottery Barn
  • Carol Leonard - City BBQ IS THE BOMB!!!! One in Indianapolis, in
  • Curt Valiant - Ok how about Pro Image sports...Dickies bbq and a Erberts and Gerberts trust me yummy!
  • Brian - Like we really need more restaurants. All Evansville is restaurants, bars, liqour stores and churches. Not much to do here that doesn't involve stuffing your face and getting drunk then asking for forgiveness the next day.

Check out the full thread, and jump into the conversation!


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