Last Friday, I shared a list of five things I can't stand, but everyone else seems to love. Curious as to whether or not I was the only one that runs into this issue, I put the question to you on Facebook. A few of you took my side on some of the items on my list, while others didn't like things I previously thought was impossible not to like.

Facebook Comments - What You Don't Like
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I'm down with Kendra's comment about sauerkraut. Despite being born and raised on the predominately German west side of Evansville, and having roughly three-quarters of the blood pumping through my body being of German descent, I can barely handle the smell of sauerkraut, much less the taste.

I also get where Stacey's coming from with pickles, although I can tolerate pickles in the right situation. I can't sit and just eat pickles. However, I do think they taste good on a hamburger, and I do like crunching down on a pickle spear with a sandwich or when eating barbecue.

Which brings me to Karen's comment. How can you not like barbecue? When done right, meaning the meat just falls right off the bone, barbecue may be one of the best meals on the planet, in my humble opinion.

Finally, I couldn't disagree more with Jessica's dislike of peanut butter. As I've written before, combined with the right partner, peanut butter can be, and is, the best dessert ever. Even without a partner, I'll sometimes grab a spoon and just eat peanut butter right out of the jar.

But hey, this is #Murica, to each their own.

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