In order to avoid getting his 9 kids vaccinated, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin said he deliberately exposed his kids to chicken pox so they would get it early! This was revealed during a radio interview the Governor did on the topic of childhood vaccinations.

Bevin, a staunch anti-vaxer said on Boling Green's WKCT that when he found out that some neighbor kids had come down with a case of the chicken pox, he took his children down to the neighbor house and exposed them to the virus. He said he did this so that his children would catch it early and build up a natural immunity.

It's factual that once exposed to the virus, you it is virtually impossible to contract it twice. Most people choose to take their children to the doctor's office to get properly vaccinated, although the vaccination shot is only about 90 percent effective, compared to Bevin method which is about 99.9 percent effective.

A lot of people are up in arms about Bevin exposing his children on purpose to the virus, saying that he unnecessarily risked his children health due to further complications that might have arisen from the chicken pox. But, most doctor will tell you that it is better to catch the illness EARLY is life than later because adult immune system have a harder time producing the antibodies.

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