After seeing a side-by-side photo comparing Justin Bieber with Miley Cyrus, I wondered what Justin would look like if I slapped some eyeshadow & mascara on him using the Perfect365 App I told you about last week. Behold! The Biebs as a young woman...

Miami-Dade Corrections/Kat Mykals, Kiss-FM

After seeing the Bieber/Cyrus meme floating around on Facebook, I decided that I would use the Perfect365 App that I had written about last week. The cool thing about the app is that you can smooth out the complexion, add on lipstick and eyeshadow, enhance eyelashes and even whiten teeth. I gave Justin the full treatment inside the app, and I have to say... he really does look a lot like Miley!

Of course, this is all in good fun, but on a serious note, I think it may be time for a Bieber Intervention!

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