Today, Friday, June 29th is International Mud Day and St. Vincent Early Learning Center in Evansville is celebrating by having some good, clean fun!

Got a chance to go play in the mud for International Mud Day over at St. Vincent Early Learning Center! Check out some pics of all the fund that you missed!

International Mud Day 2018

Faculty and children at St. Vincent Early Learning Center will be celebrating International Mud Day by exploring and playing in the mud! In conjunction with the World Forum Foundation and child care programs all over the world, St. Vincent Early Learning Center will be celebrating International Mud Day on Friday, June 29. The celebration will include many opportunities for children and adults to play in nature and explore the many properties of mud.

Director of Early Learning Alissa Mwenelupembe expresses her feelings about the importance of this celebration and other opportunities for children to play in nature, “There is a lot of emphasis in education on learning outcomes and we often forget how fleeting childhood actually is. Mud Day is about reconnecting with childhood and giving young children opportunities to connect with the joy and beauty of nature.”

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