An Indiana man recently auctioned off a portion of his face on eBay to not only someone with a lot of extra money to play around with but also an avid Romney supporter.

Eric Hartsburg now has a tattoo of the Romney/Ryan logo tattooed on the right side of his face, and according Hartsburg it was no big deal. “I am a registered Republican and a Romney supporter. I didn’t mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it’s something that I believe in.”

Hartsburg believes that his new face tattoo serves as a lesson for those people that believe that only “rich or elderly” people can be republican. However, his new ink has been met with some opposition by those people that think he is the “boogeyman” and by those that simply look at him and say “f*** you.”

So, who was the donor and how much did he pay to have a permanent political statement tattooed on Hartsburg’s face? Well, the donor has asked to remain anonymous, however, he did say that he paid $15,000 to win the auction.

Interestingly, the $15,000 bid was not the highest, but Hartsburg opted to take the second highest bidder due to the suggested tattoo by the winning bidder being too “lewd.”

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