The Day My Preschooler Taught Me About Love in an Election
I blog a lot about my daughter. She's four-years-old and if you know me or her, you know she's a handful. Sometimes when we go out, people I've never seen or met will run up to her and say, "Hey, A!" She has more of a following than I do, and I've worked in local media for about eight years...
Watch Ryan O’Bryan Read Election Tweets on Helium [VIDEO]
The 2016 Presidential Election is over, and Donald Trump will take over the White House as the 45th President of these United States. As is the case with nearly everything these days, people took to Twitter to express their feelings during and after the votes were counted. I took a few of my favorites and read them out loud — after sucking on a few helium balloons.
Where to Vote
Need to know where to go to make your voice heard this election season? We've got the down low on the polling locations in Evansville.

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