One Indiana tattoo shop has gone viral on TikTok for all the right reasons and we are 100% here for it!

It is no secret that I love tattoos. They are a beautiful form of artful self-expression and often can be a way to commemorate an experience, memory, or milestone. I myself have several and many of them do have deep meaning for me. I have a cassette tape on the inside of my left arm with the words "Rule 62," which is a reference to my recovery and one that I got to celebrate my first full year of sobriety. I also have a boombox with a hidden semi-colon in the knobs to share that my story was not over.

Most recently, I had the privilege of getting a matching tattoo with my daughter, Elizabeth, to represent the strong soul-bond that she and I share. We have a beautiful relationship that took hard work and lots of love that I am immensely proud of. So when she said "let's get matching tattoos," and she picked out a fully female-run shop in our destination city of Savannah, Georgia, for our annual mother-daughter trip to celebrate her 22nd revolution around the sun, I jumped at the chance.

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See, that's the other thing that I love - supporting women-owned businesses. I especially love supporting women in industries that are predominately run by men. It can be tough to be respected and taken seriously. I know this because I am a woman running a rock radio station in an industry where management roles, are dominated by men. We take a lot of pride in the fact that GBF is a fully female-run rock station and while we don't know for certain, we may be one of the only, if not the only rock station run entirely by women.

I was scrolling through TikTok recently when I discovered a tattoo shop located in Mishawaka, Indiana called Enamoured Arts. Not only does this shop give off all the right vibes with its cool decor and design but they also pride themselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all. And the best part? It is also owned and operated by women! Check out a tour of the shop

Enamored Arts has three tattoo artists and one microblader on its staff. Whether you prefer a more traditional style or you're looking for some anime, black and gray work, or watercolor, the artists at Enamored Arts have got you covered but don't just show up expecting to just walk in and get tattooed. They operate by appointment only and according to a comment from the shop on TikTok, their books are currently full.

We are not currently booking at all 😅 if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook I post when each girl opens her books and how to book with them.

They are currently looking to hire a new artist as well. In addition to tattoos, Enamored Art is also a designer toy store where they have a large selection of adorable and cute toys, as well as other goods from small indie businesses. While their studio is appointment only, their storefront is open Friday, 10 am - 6 pm and Saturday, 12 Noon - 7 pm. To learn more about this incredible shop, visit Enamored Arts on Facebook, on Instagram, and TikTok. Keep scrolling to see some of the work from their three tattoo artists, Betzy Loo, Amber Olsen, and Krista Rae. I feel like a road trip is in my future for an Enamored Arts tattoo.

See Tattoo Photos From Indiana's Women Owned Tattoo Shop Enamored Arts

Located in Mishawaka, Indiana, Enamored Arts is doing more than just slinging ink. The female-owned and operated tattoo shop offers an inclusive environment along with a designer toy shop.

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