One northern Indiana couple decided the silo on their farm needed a makeover, so after careful consideration, and a "few cocktails", they settled on transforming it into a lovable Minion from the Despicable Me franchise.

The silo, and the property it sits on, are located just outside Ossian, Indiana, a roughly 30 minute drive south of Fort Wayne in the northeastern part of the state.

Those of us who have lived here in the Evansville / Tri-State area most of, if not all of, our lives know painting a silo to look like something else isn't uncommon. Recognize these?

(Google Maps)

It's not the greatest picture, but those who live in the area know what they are, and can probably give you a pretty good idea on where to find them. Found on a farm on Caborn Road off of Highway 62 (a.k.a. the Lloyd Expressway) in Posey County, these silos have been painted to look like flour, sugar, and tea containers for as long as I can remember.

Are they Minion silos? No, but this family was decorating silos before decorating silos was cool. The O.G.'s of silo decorating, if you will.

With that said, I feel like the family in Ossian have stepped up the silo decorating game with their Minion. How could it be topped? How about a R2-D2 silo? Someone make it happen.