Can anyone help this little girl?

Ira Saxena, 9, began sneezing uncontrollably about three weeks ago and hasn't stopped since, letting off nearly 8,000 sneezes each day.

Doctors have not been able to figure out what's behind the condition, which only appears to subside when Ira sleeps (at least she's able to rest, though).

Ira's parents have run the gamut of elixirs, too -- antihistemines, steroids, homeopathic solutions and hypntherapy, which actually stopped the sneezing, leading them to think this may be a brain issue.

The sneezing fits have forced Ira to stay home from school, too. "She tried to go to back, but only lasted for one morning before she had to come home because she was just sneezing so much," her mother said. "This is robbing her of her life. It is so frustrating and she is being very brave. To be truthful, it is affecting me more than it is her, I just want her to be back to how she was before."

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