If you're driving around Evansville after dark there are still houses that have there Christmas decorations up and running and I've always wondered, how long is too long to keep your Christmas decorations up?

When I was growing up, the tradition was to take the Christmas decorations down before the first weekend of the new year. So at the latest, we always had our decorations down by January 7th. And I always hated having to do that. There would always be broken decorations and strands of silver imitation icicles stuck on all the furniture like cat hair.

Trying to unwind the lights from around the tree without getting all tangled up in them was always a hassle. There would always be blown or broken lights the following that are like the 7th circle of hades trying to replace! I can understand why some people don't take take there decorations down at all and just leave them off until Christmas.

One lady told me she didn't take her decorations down last year until almost April. And when she finally did, she found an air fryer and a couple of other gifts that apparently were missed on Christmas and never opened! I've NEVER had a Christmas tree THAT big!

How long do YOU wait before you take your decorations down?


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