Hopefully, Gucci Mane makes it to the show at the Evansville Coliseum tonight because word has it that an arrest warrant has been issued for the A-T-L from an assualt at an Atlanta night club last week!

Apparently Mr. Mane aka Radric Davis was chillin in the Harlem Nights club when a soldier who was celebrating his birthday while on leave, asked to get a picture with the Gucc-. Gucci must NOT have wanted that picture cause he decided to bang the soldier, who goes by "James", over the head with a bottle! Then one of Gucci's "associates" punched James in the side of the face.

The soldier, still not sure WHY he was assaulted, was sent to the hospital and received 10 stitches. He decided to press charges and a warrant has been issued. Hopefully, Gucci Mane doesn't go all Jake and Elwood Blues on 'em coming to the show with a 100 police cars chasing him! Although it would make for one HELL of a show!


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