Last night, The Rob and I were broadcasting LIVE from the Gucci Mane event at the Coliseum and I wanna give it up to FLY GANG ENT for putting together another great event. Thanks to everyone that came out DESPITE all the hating and the rumors about Gucci Mane possibly NOT showing up!

I always wonder though, why is it that whenever an act is scheduled to perform in Evansville, the first this people start asking is "Are they REALLY gonna show up?" Like artist don't like coming to Evansville or something?

These acts wanna get paid just like everyone else, and NOT showing up is a sure way NOT to get booked for any OTHER gigs! Just because one act, a long time ago in a galaxy far away wasn't professional enough to honor his obligations, that doesn't mean that EVERY act is gonna flake out!

So if you let all the fake rumors and hating stop you from coming out, then you weren't gonna come out anyway! For everyone else, thanks for coming out and I'll see you at the NEXT show!





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