Contrary to popular believe, the 'Baby Yoda' character on the 'Mandalorian' is NOT the child version of the Yoda we all know and love. According to the show's creator Jon Favreau, the Baby Yoda as everyone has officially dubbed it, is actually a totally different character who's name just hasn't been released yet.

It the Star Wars lore, no official name was ever given to the species that the original Yoda belonged to. It's just said that they are an ancient race, that lives in seclusion, and generally has as elongated life span. And since no official name has been given to the 'The Child' as it is called in the script, fans just started called it 'Baby Yoda'. The Mandalorian series, takes place 5 years AFTER 'Return of the Jedi', and by that time Yoda had already lived to be over 900 years old before he 'faded away' and became a 'Force Ghost'.

So there is NO WAY that the 'Baby Yoda', who is supposed to be around 50 years old, could be the original Yoda in adolescent form. There have been other members of Yoda's species introduced into the canon that have even been Jedi's. Yaddle, Vandar Tokare Oteg, and Minch were all previous Jedi Masters before Yoda. Every other member of the 'Yoda' species has been given a name when they were introduced into the story except for this baby version.

I suggest that in order to eliminated the confusion around 'The Child', it should be given a name. I was thinking something along the lines of 'Hotar' or 'Todel' or something real Star Warsy.

What Would YOU Name the Baby Yoda?

Leave your answers in the comment box and I'll read the results during the show!

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