Recently I found myself wondering if I was the only woman who instead of folding them, consistently hung her bras on her bedroom doorknob. Is it such a weird thing to do? I wasn't sure. So, what did I do? I asked women across my social media platforms about it, of course! The results were surprising...

Sunny's Hanging Bras
Sunny's Hanging Bras

Tons of women liked a photo of my bras hanging on my bedroom doorknob, with many even commenting on the post itself in solidarity, assuring me that I was not the only one and that they too hung their bras from doorknobs. Many of the women were thrilled to know that they were not the only ones doing this strange 'hanging of the bras' routine.

From doorknobs to bedposts, bras are just more accessible and easier to deal with hanging up and I think that many women have figured this out. Thus, the hanging of bras from doorknobs began! Maybe someone should invent a bra hanging contraption for all of us ladies who use doorknobs for bra storage.

Do you hang your bras from different objects in your home or do you put yours in a drawer? Let us know!

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