Finally! Someone gets it.

The Buffalo Grove Parks District in Buffalo Grove, Illinois just outside of Chicago recently installed signs at the Little League fields that say the things so many people like myself think when we watch our kids ball games.

The signs don't remind spectators of the park rules like, "no smoking, no glass containers," blah, blah, blah, they remind spectators that these are kids playing a game. A thought unfortunately lost on many parents these days.

Too often while attending my son's baseball or football games, or my daughter's soccer games in the fall do I hear parents on the sidelines yelling displeasure at the way their kids are playing, or a call on the field. NEWS FLASH! It's a game, not a tryout for the pros. The kids are out there to learn about what it means to be on a team — to congratulate each other when they do well, and to pick each other up when they're having an off day. To work together for a common goal. Life lessons they'll hopefully carry on into adulthood. More importantly, they're out there to have fun. Something some parents easily forget as they try to live the own sports dreams vicariously through their children.

Don't get me wrong, I get it, you want your kid to do well. I'll admit that I cringe from time to time when I see my son or daughter make a silly mistake during a game, but I keep my thoughts where they belong — in my head, saving any constructive criticism (note the word "constructive") for the ride home after the game. There's no yelling, no screaming, just a few pieces of advice on how to better handle a particular play.

The time for getting competitive will come. When they're 6, 7, 8, 9-years old, let them have their fun, and just enjoy being kids. It's nice to see the Buffalo Grove Parks District understands that.

(Buffalo Grove Parks District Facebook)