Right around this time every year, kids are heading to the batting cages or onto a baseball field where the grass hasn't grown in just yet and the temperatures are usually a bit chilly, sometimes freezing, but bats are being swung and balls tossed from glove to glove.

As the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to impact thousands across the United States and restrictions by local, state and federal governments are put in place, many other businesses, organizations, churches and sports leagues are at the very least suspending their seasons until the possibility it can continue at some point.

Little League International in Pennsylvania, who have been monitoring the pandemic situation and adhering to advice from the CDC, are advising all local Little League programs across the U.S. to suspend/delay their season to not start until at least Monday, May 11.

LLI posted a statement on their official website of the announcement.

"We recognize that this is the heart of the traditional Little League season, and we share in the great disappointment that many are feeling surrounding this additional pause in the 2020 season. However, it is our hope that by doing this, we will all play a small, but important part in flattening the curve in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

We will continue to consult with appropriate medical advisors, government health officials and our volunteer leaders around the world, and we are committed to doing the best we can for the safety and well-being of our players, families, volunteers, and fans."

Little League International officials are optimistic and hopeful to have the summer game being played on diamonds across 6,500 leagues in 84 countries by some point this year.

"We are committed to sharing information as it becomes available on issues like player eligibility and tournament participation, charter and insurance status for the year, and A Safety Awareness Program plan deadlines."

Any Little League official with questions on the coronavirus pandemic in relation to their seasons is asked by LLI to view their Q & A page.

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