The following stats from the National Restaurant Association shows how hard the industry has been hit. The industry has lost $130 billion in sales between March and October as a result of mandated closures and capacity limits. By the end of November, the industry had lost 2.1 million jobs compared to its pre-pandemic state and as of December, an estimated 110,000 restaurants were closed either permanently or long-term due to the crisis.

We always support our locally owned businesses every way that we can. You might remember back in November we offered free live broadcasts to local businesses, to help boost holiday sales. In the month of March, we will do the same for locally owned restaurants.

We'll bring our station vehicle to your location for one hour and broadcast two live commercials during that time where we'll let everyone know about your menu, specials, and how you are keeping customers and employees safe with COVID-19 guidelines.

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Spots will fill up fast, and limited space is available, so don't wait - This is only for the month of March. Just send me an email: to book your FREE 1 hour broadcast now.


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