Over the weekend, a man was shot at a Bingo game being held at the Wabash Avenue VFW Sunday night. Luckily, he survived but this is NOT the first time violence has shrouded BINGO games here in the Evansville area!

My wife and her friends used to go to BINGO game back in the day and they would come back telling stories of how people were fighting and screaming at each other at games. Some even coming to blows over who had the correct numbers, who actually called it out first, and even the stealing of Bingo Blotters!

Bingo just like any other competitive game can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Even being ALLOWED to host a BINGO game has been a battle in itself some organizations. Ever since the 1940's when strict regulations were put into place over who had permission to host BINGO fundraisers, people have overturned police cars, picketed the Mayor's office, and even boycotted!

In the 1990's The P-47 Heritage Commission wanted to acquire, restore and publicly display a P-47 Thunderbolt that Evansville factories used to build for WWII got their BINGO games cancelled by the Secretary of State when it was determined they were not a fully non-profit organization.

Playing BINGO is technically gambling for a good cause usually but anytime money is involved people tend to get a little on edge and very competitive. Do YOU know anyone who gets overly competitive in everything they do or gets violent when they lose? Leave your comments below!

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