With the summer months approaching (and the heat already here), Tri-Staters love to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Barbecues, vacations, sporting events and everything else under the sun can be done with blue skies above us. The only bad thing about summer (according to some) is the heat and how to cope with it. One way is find a good place to swim. With Evansville being called “the river city,” you may think the river would be a surefire place to swim. You can swim in the Ohio river, however you do have a few things to worry about such as currents, hidden things under the water such as logs and, of course, boat traffic  on the river. I don’t think you want to be practicing your breast stroke in oncoming barge traffic!  Though we don’t have a beach easily accessible in Evansville, there are still plenty of places to go for a swim in and around the city. In no particular order are our top five places to go swimming.

Burdette Park


Burdette Park is located on Evansville’s Westside and features an Olympic Size swimming pool, a kiddie pool, a lazy river and a slide. After soaking up some rays and enjoying a couple of laps on the lazy river, you can catch a bite to eat or get a cool, refreshing drink at their snack bar. Prices are pretty reasonable for the amount things you can do; a one day pass for adults (12+)  is $7, kids (3-5) and seniors (62+) are $5 and little ones 2 and below are free, season passes are also available.



Country Clubs

Not the cheapest way to cool off but if you swing the membership fees, there are numerous country clubs to choose from within the Evansville area. Golfing, of course, is the main thing to do however there are other perks with having a membership such as swimming pools, tennis, restaurants and even banquets or event planning. Evansville Country Club and Oak Meadow Golf Club are two courses in Evansville proper that have pretty nice swimming pools and Rolling Hills Country Club also has a pool to enjoy. If you can’t swing the membership fees, it pays to have a friend or family member who does have a membership and then you can go beat the summer heat with them!


City and Neighborhood Pools

Evansville has a number of neighborhood pools to choose from. Each is spread without the city and depending on where you live, you only have a short commute to go for a dip. They range from the basic Olympic size pool (Helfrich) to decent pools with a kiddie areas to the city pool with a pretty nice water slide (Hartke). Fees are pretty manageable at these pools  as well: the neighborhood pools are free kids 3 and below, 4-12 is $1 and 13+  is $2 and Hartke pool is children 2 and below is free and 3 and above is $4.


Holiday World

Although not in Evansville, visiting Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a yearly event for a lot of Evansville residents and many people make it out Spencer County multiple times per year. Splashin’ Safari, where all but one of the major water rides is located, has many rides to help keep you cool when the temperature gauge is above 85. Two lazy rivers, two wave pools, numerous water slides and couple of themed play areas for little ones to frolic around in are all at your disposal to swim and keep cool. So, you can swim around in the lazy rivers and wave areas and enjoy the thrill of going down the slides! My personal favorite: Zinga. The Zinga water slide at first seems like a standard, tube water slide except for the very end where you end up in a giant funnel where you end up going back and forth like a skateboarder in a half pipe.


Your Best Friend’s or Neighbor’s Backyard

Sometimes the Beatles were right, “the best things in life are free!” If your friend or neighbor has a pool, it makes no sense to load up your car, battle for a parking space, pay the fees to get in and then realize that you forgot to bring along some sun lotion to protect your family from the harmful UV rays. If you’re at a neighbor’s house you can just walk back over to your house and you are all set! If you’re feeling guilty about using their pool, you can always offer to make the dinner (grill up some burgers and brats!) if they provide some entertainment (the pool)!

So, there you have it, the best places to go swimming here in Evansville. Was there a place that we left off the list that you consider a great place to swimming at in Evansville?