What am I gonna do on June 11th? I guess nothing since I can't wear flip-flops and that's National Flip Flop Day.

I don't what happened along the way; I wore flip-flops on the regular when I was a kid but now I cannot stand to have anything between my toes. Besides, nobody needs to see my toes anyway.

But at Combest Pool this summer, National Flip Flop Day will be celebrated with special pricing for those entering wearing flip flops.

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In fact, Owensboro Parks and Recreation informs us that Combest Pool will be celebrating all the special "holidays" this summer.

Now see, I could totally do National Sunglasses Day. And if you wear your shades to Combest on June 27th, you'll snag some free popcorn. Not bad.

Up next will be July 18th and all I can say is, "Now we're talkin'!" THAT is National Ice Cream and I will have to put a reminder on my calendar app to go snag a pint of my favorite ice cream on Earth. As for Combest Pool, they'll be doing BOGO ice cream that day. That's enough to make you scream, me scream, all of us scream for ice cream.

How do you like your hotdog? We were just discussing that today. I get the stink eye when I say I like ketchup on mine because some people just think that's heresy. BUT, I only like ketchup on a hotdog if there is also mustard. I can also do mustard solo. I like chopped onions and homemade relish or chow chow. That store-bought stuff is too syrupy. Anyway, I went off on an unintentionally lengthy tangent about one of America's favorite foods because July 21st is National Hotdog Day. On that day, Combest Pool will give you a voucher with your paid admission and you can get a free hotdog.

The final special "holiday" at Combest is National Parents' Day, July 25th. And this one is pretty self-explanatory. Parents will get to swim free that day.

I tell you what, I don't think I've ever seen more excitement for summer than this year. Maybe it's because everything is starting to open back up and that sense of freedom summer gives us has just intensified.

Anyway, have a wonderful summer. We'll see you poolside.

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