I've compiled a list of realizations you have once you've graduated college.

1.  That beautiful check you got in the mail you got every semester you used to pay for vacations, alcohol, basic human needs....you will have to start paying that very shortly and you will soon be regretting not saving it it all.

2.  You have only a few years left on your parents insurance...This means you can either take the adventurous route and travel and be the typical image you see daily on Pinterest or you could be the responsible type that gets a job and pays for it yourself.

3.  Working part time doesn't cut it anymore.  Your company either needs to hire you full time with benefits or you need to get out.  You're worth too much to have to struggle any longer.  College was hard enough, after working hard for a degree there's no reason to have to struggle anymore to live on a college budget. (refer back to #1. student loan bills are coming up)

4.  With that being said, it's OK to start from the bottom, everyone one else has to do it, just make sure you're not being taken advantage of.  Which many companies try to do.

5.  You're going to find yourself being jealous of new freshman.  YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM, yet you're still wishing you could be them.

6.  No summer breaks??? One day off for Christmas???? What did I just sign on to???  Why didn't I major in education???

7.  If you've just started the job search, you've realized that job searching is a job in itself.

8.  You might find yourself wishing you could take a victory lap....or two.  College really is one of the greatest times of your life.

9.  Googling "How to Make Money on YouTube" or "How to Make Money Blogging" or my personal favorite "How to Make Money Traveling" has been searched maybe too often.

10.  When your college sends you a donation slip..... :( No Thanks.

11.  Friends are moving away, and you might feel lost.  It's ok, you will forever have a "road trip" destination always sort of planned.

12.  If you're moving back in with your parents, try not to see it as a negative, just remember that your mom and dad are probably very ecstatic to be able to see you everyday again.


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