The Rob's Radio Show with Kat Mykals weighs in on graduation songs!


Did you have a graduation song? Was there a song that you feel defined your senior year of high school or your senior class?

The Rob

While some schools did, my high school did not have an "official" graduation song. However, there are certainly some songs that were so huge at the time of my graduation that I inevitably associate them with graduating. Eve 6's "Here's to the Night" comes to mind first. I remember it was the biggest prom theme that same year (2001). I also remember Train's "Drops of Jupiter" as well as two Shaggy hits, "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel," as being insanely popular songs when I graduated high school in June of 2001!


Kat Mykals

I didn't have an official graduation song for my senior class, but there were definitely some definitive songs from my senior year. "The Freshmen" from the Verve Pipe would be a good one. "Bittersweet Symphony" from the Verve and "Good Riddance" from Green Day both would have been great graduation songs as well for the class of 1997.




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