The Hilarious Reason I Graduated Last In My Class
Angel here and this week we celebrate our local graduates.  I'd like to share a story from my own graduation and how I ended up in the very back of the line.
My last name started with a B by the way just so you have a point of reference.  I ...
Practical Gift Guide for Graduates
It's about that time of year when graduation ceremonies, well-wishes and job-hunting begin. Fountain pens and diamond earrings are wonderful and traditional graduation gifts but sometimes something practical can truly be the best option. So send off the graduate in your life with something they…
Dear Class of 2017
The Class of 2017 is about to hit the world with their graduation tassels still swinging. Here's some practical advice for the newest batch of high school grads.
How Do You “Not” Student Anymore??
I'm graduating from college...finally.  But it's so weird, how on Earth am I supposed to just adapt to this new lifestyle of carrying on a job and never going to school anymore?

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