If there was an award for best graduation, this school would win, hands down.

The seniors at Kahuku High School, in Oahu, Hawaii, put on a show during their graduation in a video that has gone viral.

The class put together the nine-minute choreographed routine in two days, performing to such popular tracks as "Wrecking Ball," "Shake It Off" and "Uptown Funk."

The real highlight, though, comes at the end when the seniors perform "Kaipahua Kura,” a war dance of the Maori people of New Zealand.

The chorus was altered to translate to "Who are we? We are the Red Raiders."

The school's vice principal gushed about the work of the seniors, saying, "What everybody’s seeing right now on the Internet is really the heartbeat of our community, of all our communities here in Kahuku.”

You'll have a tough time finding a better song-and-dance this side of High School Musical.

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