This boy is graduating with high-larious honors.

Jack Aiello made sure his graduation from Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights, Ill. was memorable when he gave a speech impersonating several of the presidential candidates.

Jack hit the nail on the head by imitating Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And the crowd loved it, giving him a standing ovation for his effort.

Jack earned the right to speak after all students submitted a graduation speech as part of an English assignment that was judged by school officials. "He was hands down No. 1 because it was going to speak to the kids," the principal told NBC Chicago.

Jack's father said the idea was a natural fit for him. "Politics has been something he's been interested in for several years," he told ABC News. "He's always been good with impressions, so while watching along with his mom and I, he picked up phrases and mannerisms of the candidates."

His mother also said Jack is great with impressions. "He’s been doing them since he was very young — family members, teachers, he even makes up his own silly voices and he’s been doing that for a very long time," she said. "And then with the election, he watches the news clips and he just absorbs everything."

Perhaps not surprisingly, Jack would like to work in politics or comedy, although some would argue they're the same thing.

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