Eat healthier and get in better shape without paying a dime!

Ask anybody if they are happy with their appearance and I guarantee even the most fit person will find some aspect of their physique they feel could be improved. Personally, I know I could stand to shed about 20 pounds from around my midsection and start some form of exercise to improve my overall health. But like most people, I use the excuse of not having the time or the money to eat better or start a regular workout regime. Here's your chance to have no excuse.

Each month throughout the rest of the year, we're selecting one member from the KISS-FM VIP Club and designating them our "Subway Fresh & Fit Member of the Month". Each month's winner will receive a years worth of free sandwiches from Subway (in the form of a $200 gift card) and a three month membership to the YMCA!

With the variety of combinations Subway offers, you could easily spend the $200 gift card and never get the same sub twice. My favorite just happens to be the Italian B.M.T. or Spicy Italian with provolone cheese, lettuce, onion, green pepper, black olive, banana pepper, honey mustard, and mayonnaise.

And with an indoor track, swimming pool, and variety of fixed and free weights, the YMCA gives you the opportunity to mix up your routine as you work toward your goal.

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