Research suggests that certain smells can trigger strong memories. Nothing says childhood quite like a fresh box of Crayolas and burning plastic from the Easy Bake Oven! For me, however, certain tastes can trigger memories as well. I even go so far as to reminisce on tastes from days gone by. Weird, I know!

One of my favorite childhood memories is riding horses with my mom and former teachers. Yes, I was the kid who spent Spring Break WITH her sixth grade math teacher. And yes, she sometimes gave me flash mental math which I hated and never got right. (Hence, why I am a wordsmith today.) But, I truly loved every minute of it. One of our favorite places to go trail riding and "camp" was Brown County in Nashville, IN.

Camping consisted of indoor plumbing, a full kitchen, and a king size bed in the living quarters of the horse trailer. And because we weren't in it for endurance or competition, we focused on finding places to visit that were utterly pleasant; ergo Brown County. The trails were easy, shopping was plentiful and restaurants were... well, worth remembering, for sure!

My favorite was the Nashville House fried biscuits with apple butter. Let me repeat that... FRIED BISCUITS - APPLE BUTTER. They were always steaming warm when you'd break open the crusty shell. Then, smothering the soft pillowy inside with loads of spicy apple butter was Heaven on earth. The Southern side of my soul just cried a little bit. Just thinking about it all makes my mouth water and it's been 20 years! (I can't believe I just said anything was 20 years ago...)

In any event, if you win our Brown County getaway, I would suggest saving a few bucks from the $300 spending cash you'll receive to invest in The Nashville House' fried biscuits and apple butter. I might have to make a trip up north to relive those childhood memories too! I can't win, but hopefully you will! Good luck!

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