Talk about a timeless love.

Joe Mikolajczak, of Buffalo, New York, is paying tribute to his late wife by putting up a billboard along a highway celebrating what would’ve been their 50th anniversary.

Mikolajczak, who came up with the idea while his wife, Marylou, was still alive before their 49th anniversary, says, “It was just my way of saying, ‘I love you.’’

Unfortunately, Marylou passed away in April, six months before their 50th anniversary, but that didn’t stop Mikolajczak from going ahead with the billboard. He even managed to let his better half what he had planned before she passed away:

A week before she died I told her what I was gonna do...and all she did was look at me and tell me I'm nuts. But she was worth it. I wanted her to have some sort of recognition. You could look around all you want, for as long as you want, you'll never find anybody like her."

Mikolajczak certainly has no regrets about his decisions, but you get the feeling he’d trade the billboard in to have his sweetie back. He said, "I miss her every day,” Mikolajczak said. “I cry every day...I cry every night and I should cry. She was a beautiful woman inside and outside.”

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