Social media is full of these little quizzes that they want you to do constantly. Recently though, I deleted Facebook! (That’s another story for another time.) However, I do miss the quizzes occasionally. Especially the ones that are “all about you.” So, since I’m new to 106.1 KISS FM as a writer, how about ya’ll get to know me a little better? Or don’t. But at least know that I don’t talk about vaginas all of the time. It seems that way, but I promise I really don’t. I am kind of interesting, outside of my vagina talk, sometimes.

1) My real name isn’t Sunny. I have been called Sunny since the day I was born, but nowhere on my birth certificate does it say Sunny. So why didn’t my mom just name me Sunny when she wanted to call me Sunny? I have no idea. My real name, you ask? Sunshine. I am 100% serious.

2) I am 28 years old, so from what I know, it makes me one of the youngest people writing for 106.1! Shhh… I could be wrong about that, but hey, at least I can still say I am in my Twenties.

3) Music is my other passion besides writing. I used to sing for four hours a day, every day, for five years. I still sing, but not as often as I used too! I miss it. I'm also an amateur photographer.

4) As much as I enjoy modern pop music and Blake Shelton, my favorite genre of music is classic rock. My absolute favorite is Sammy Hagar. Van Hagar for life, guys! If you like David Lee Roth better, or as I call him, ‘The Crypt Keeper’, we can’t be friends. Other favorite bands/artists of mine include Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, Ozzy, Frank Sinatra, Rob Pattinson, Lana Del Rey, T.I, Eminem, Mazzy Star, Simon and Garfunkel, and Norah Jones, but I have a ton! I also love the BeeGees. I should stop now.

(Me in my Sammy shirt pregnant with my first kid.)

5) I have a husband and two wild children. A house full of boys. Even our dogs (I have dogs) are boys. I am grossly outnumbered. Farts are, evidently, very funny and plentiful in this house.

6) I have a tendency to just say whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s advantageous, sometimes it’s a train wreck, but it’s almost always inadvertently hilarious to somebody.

7) I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management, and am finishing an MBA this semester. I plan to use very little of either of those degrees and be a writer instead. Some of us figure our dreams out later in life, folks.

8) My guilty pleasure is Nick Jonas. Leave me alone. His voice is soothing and he is a sex pot. Don’t deny it!

9) I’m heavily addicted to three television shows. I can watch them anytime, anyplace. Roseanne, Frasier, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m becoming a pretty big fan of Bob’s Burger’s too. (I kinda met Roseanne last year.)

10) I’m a coffee person. I can even drink it black. I despise tea. But I love beer.

11) I am a Trekker. I love Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek > Star Wars any day of the week. Fight me, bro! These are my collectible plates.

12) I am a huge Zen Buddhist/meditation/mindfulness believer. It vibes with how I believe we are meant to live, and I’ve been following that path for about four years now.

13) I am a master at making ridiculous faces. I am pretty much the female Jim Carey when I feel like it.

14) Shamefully, I road rage like a crazy person. I’m generally somewhat calm, or at least composed in day to day life. Put me behind the wheel with a bunch of crazy drivers and I go ballistic. Here's a look at the back of my SUV:

15) I adore traveling. My family made a choice to start taking two adventure vacations a year since 2015 and it’s been incredible. In 2 years, we’ve been to coastal Maine, Vermont, Niagara Falls, The Adirondack’s, New Hampshire, the Indiana Dunes, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and Wyoming. I’ve learned tons from our travels. I highly recommend that everyone travel around as much as possible.

16) I have a small candy addiction. In case you didn't know, Sweet Tart Ropes are 'da bomb'. I just developed it, actually and Ashley our webmaster makes fun of me for it. I have no idea why...

17) I'm kind of a country girl. I exclusively wear cowboy boots. All leather, all real. I love nature and I say ya'll a lot. I love bon fires and beer. Still from Indiana though. You can take the girl outta the country, but...

18) Some people are cat people, some people are dog people. I am a plant person. I have tons of little plants in my home. They make my heart super happy. I'm not weird. Okay, I am weird, but good weird. Right?

That’s all for now folks! A little bit about me. Me in a nutshell. It’s really just the tip of the humongous iceberg. Maybe someday I’ll start vlogging, and you can see the intense, lovable, craziness first-hand instead of just experiencing it in edited article form!

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