I am typically not soap or body wash loyal.  Ya'll know I am cheap and I love shopping at Ollie's, where I sometimes by body wash in Army-surplus bulk.  Seriously.  Sometimes my cart looks like I am stockpiling to be the world's freshest-smelling doomsday prepper.  Literally, right now, in my bathroom cabinet downstairs, I have about a dozen body washes that will make you smell like an orange blossom, coconut milk or a combination of lilac, strawberry and ginger root.  LOL!  However, a few months ago online, I stumbled across a soap that nearly every camper and country music fan I know will be intrigued by.  It's called Fire in the Hole (inspired by what you scream when you throw something explosive into a campfire).  Last summer, I shared a story about Outlaw Soaps and the fact that they make rugged and burly soaps that smell like a combination of campfire, gunpowder and sagebrush.   Friday morning here at WBKR, Angel and I got to chat with Danielle, one of Outlaw's founders.

Outlaw Soaps
Outlaw Soaps

Now, I confessed to Danielle that I typically walk around smelling like an orchid exploded.  However, Outlaw Soaps encourages you to put down that 32-ounce, discounted bottle of Hibiscus and Hydrangea Honeymoon (which may attract bees when you walk outside).  With Outlaw Soaps you can smell like the land.

And, yes!  Outlaw really does make a scent called Fire in the Hole.  According to the company's official website, the soap "looks and smells like fire."  I used the body wash for the first time this week and it really does have a smokey smell.  Truly.  I sat in the bathtub and started to understand what a S'more must feel like dangling over the fire.  I felt charred and delicious.

Outlaw offers a variety of other scents as well:

The Gambler (Bourbon, leather, tobacco)

Home on the Range (laundry, fresh cut grass, blackberries)

Blazing Saddles (leather, gunpowder, sagebrush, sandalwood)

Mountain Hideout (pine forest, nuts, damp Earth)

Calamity Jane (clove, orange, cinnamon, whiskey)

Blazing Saddles, by the way, claims to be the "sexiest soap ever."

The company was founded back in 2013 by Russ and Danielle Vincent.  According to Danielle, "We love adventure and the outdoors and the smell of a tack room and camping with our friends. We live like the products we make: we love campfires, whiskey, and ill-advised explosions..."

Angel and I told Danielle that her scent combinations really do sound like the titles of Miranda Lambert songs.  I mean, can't you hear it now?  Campfires, Gunpowder and Whiskey!  The first single from Miranda's new album!

There's actually a lot that's country music-inspired by this line.  The Gambler anyone?

Outlaw Soaps
Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw Soaps has a wide variety of products available- from soaps to deodorant to hand soaps, lotions and cologne!

If YOU want to smell like an "ill-advised explosion" or smoke, leather and whiskey, check out Outlaw Soaps at LiveOutlaw.com.

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