Many people are excited about the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse that will be visible from many places in the country.  Kentucky is one of the best states, actually, to watch the eclipse from, although if you are planning on watching make sure you get your protective glasses and follow all the proper safety precautions.

Likewise, many would describe sighting a Sasquatch in the wild to be a less than once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!  While many question Bigfoot's mere existence, THOUSANDS of people claim to have encountered the big hairy beast!

But imagine if you could experience BOTH of these rare phenomena...  AT THE SAME TIME!  Well, I can help you!

A blogging website called has plotted a "Sunsquatch Map."  It takes the path of totality for the eclipse AND reported sightings of Bigfoot and lays them over  top of each other.

Bigfoot Outdoors
(Chris Rogers / Thinkstock)

So, by my research, it appears to me that the BEST place to have a "Sunsquatch Experience" would be Madisonville, Kentucky!  In the summer of 2000, two boaters claimed to have seen the likely-fictional ape-like creature and it's one of the best places in the country to see the moon pass in front of the sun on August 21st!  So, get your Sasquatch hunting gear ready and check the wooded areas of Madisonville, Kentucky and hopefully right around 1:25 Central Time!

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