Earlier this year, we introduced you to the 25-foot tall wooden Sasquatch that can be seen hanging out at French Lick Cabins at Patoka Lake. The big guy is there every day with his fishing pole, just smiling and hoping to get a bite. Well, the time has now come to give this adorable giant a name, and he needs your help.

French Lick Cabins at Patoka Lake Village via Facebook
French Lick Cabins at Patoka Lake Village via Facebook

The folks from French Lick Cabins have taken to Facebook to ask the public to vote on a new name for the big fella. They have been taking suggestions, and have received a bunch - too many, in fact. So they have narrowed it down to the top five names. You need to vote for one of the following...

  • Harry
  • Sam Squanch
  • Ozzy
  • Toka
  • Otis

Do you have a favorite? Let your voice be heard and cast your vote here.

Multimedia Strategies

The massive carving was created by the talented crew at Bear Hollow Wood Carvers, located there in French Lick, IN, and this particular Sasquatch was the brainchild of French Lick Cabins owner Jason Emmons. Here's the low down from the folks at Bear Hollow...

When Cindy and Jason Emmons purchased the French Lick Cabins at Patoka Lake Village a few years ago, they were picturing different ways to incorporate elements of Bear Hollow. Guests can find carvings from the Bear Hollow team all around the cabins and grounds, but they wanted something bigger that could be seen by everyone. That is when the idea of a huge Sasquatch hit them. Jason pitched the idea to the team and they were all for a collaboration project!

We Know the "Why" But What About the "How"

There's no way I could begin to explain the process of creating a structure this big, and even if I did, you wouldn't want to read it. For a build like this, I think a video will tell the story much better than any words. Check this out...

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