Have you ever had that one song that gets stuck in your head for the whole day? Or even just found yourself self singing or humming while during chores? How about when your favorite driving song comes on and you just HAVE to crank it all the way up?

Those are what I like to call "Theme Songs". Songs that are just SO appropriate for the situation! But what would the theme song for you LIFE be?

My personal theme song would have to be Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song! Do you know how many time I've woken up only to have that song playing in my head wishing I could just hit that snooze button on more time. If I could just lay around in my PJ's and still be able to pay my bills LEGALLY, I'd be on it in a heartbeat.

What's the theme song for your life? If there was one song playing in the background of you life, what would it be? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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