So, I need to start this article by stating that I legitimately do NOT know what is happening with this picture...  But I am thoroughly confused.


Photo: Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office
Photo: Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

This photo captures two SEPARATE bookings into the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office.  They seemed to be back-to-back (about 35 minutes apart), but not in the same vicinity.  They have different names, and one is four years older than the other...  But, MAN, do they look alike.


So, my second thought was that maybe the VCSO accidentally put up the same photo twice, as a clerical error.  Hey, it happens.  As someone who constantly has to put information up on a website, I can certainly sympathize with making a mistake like that...  But these photos aren't the same.  They're EXTREMELY similar, but subtle differences in the photos show that they're not the same picture.  Slight differences in facial expression and other features prove this.


Additionally, this information was uploaded on June 23rd.  As I write on June 27th, no correction or change has been made.  This would lead ME to believe that it's POSSIBLE it could be two different people.  So what do YOU think?  Are these long lost relatives?  TWINS even?!  Or some comical oversight from the good people at the Vanderburgh Country Shriff's Office?

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