Evansville's original Show-Me's used to be THE PLACE!  If you wanted to hang out with fun, attractive female waitresses dressed in short shorts and padded bras, you couldn't beat a trip out to good ol' Show-Me's!  Show-Me's got so popular here in Evansville that it actually opened up a second location in Evansville on the east side...  And then THAT location became so popular that a few years ago they shut down the ORIGINAL west side location.  Nothing has occupied the building at 5501 Pearl Drive since the lovely ladies bounced on out of there, but now we may have some indication as to what is moving into that legendary (well, to me at least) building!


It looks like Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers may be the next restaurant in Evansville looking to open up a second location.  A post from the almost-always-reliable Facebook page Evansville 411 claims that Freddy's has applied to build a restaurant at 5501 Pearl Drive, the same location as the original Evansville Show-Me's!  We'll bring you more info as it becomes available!



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