Find out what you should do with the hottest item from the eclipse!

Solar Eclipse Glasses, 3D rendering
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The eclipse happened yesterday which was an event people were looking forward to for quite some time. The hottest item during the eclipse, were eclipse glasses, that allowed everyone a chance to watch the eclipse without burning your eyes out. You might be asking yourself now, what you should do with the glasses?

With the next eclipse only 7 years away, you might be thinking of saving them for the next one. You should absolutely NOT do that. This post from the EVPL outlines why you shouldn't:

You can absolutely save your glasses as a keepsake, but don't save them with the intention of using them again in 7 years. That's a great way for your eyes to have a bad time.

You could just throw your glasses away, but like the post said, you can instead donate them to other countries that will experience an eclipse in 2019! You can get info on how to do that here!

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