As you may have heard, for the past month I have been dieting and working out everyday. So far, I have been pretty positive about it all because I have made a lot of progress and I already notice a huge change. But truth be told, sometimes it isn’t easy staying positive. Especially when everyone you work out with looks like professional body builders, & I wear myself out just trying to flex what little muscle I have. While everyone else is looking so intense during their work outs, this is what is usually going through my mind:

When my gym partner who is in WAY better shape than me says we’re going to ’spot each other’

When I try to use any sort of upper body strength.

Cardio Day!

What I’m pretty sure he wants to yell at me during cardio.

When I try to do any kind of multi-tasking on the treadmill.

What I assume I look like during crunches.

When he says ‘Just One more set!’

Immediately after my workout.

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