Bob's Gym, or as it is now known after a bit of rebranding, BFit by Bob's Gym, is expanding with a brand new location.

Four Locations to Choose From

Currently, if you work out with Bob's you have four locations to choose from.

  • North - located at 8700 North Kentucky Avenue - out near McCutchanville, just off of Highway 41 North.
  • West - located at 200 Rosenberger Avenue on Evansville's westside, just north of the Lloyd Expressway
  • East - located at 345 Bentee Wes Court - just south of East Virginia Street, off of Cross Pointe Boulevard.
  • Newburgh - located at 8120 High Pointe Drive in Newburgh, just north of the Lloyd Expressway, off of Bell Road.
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BFit by Bob's Gym via Facebook
BFit by Bob's Gym via Facebook

A Brand New Facility

The new facility being built will be located at 4040 N Cullen Avenue, near the intersection of Lynch and Green River Roads on Evansville's Northeast side, according to Evansville411.

How Big Will The New Facility Be?

According to BFit by Bob's, the new facility will encompass 40,000 square feet of space that will be filled with almost everything you could possibly need to work out and get fit, whether you are interested in cardio, weight training, cycling, yoga, or pilates, the new facility will have what you are looking for. According to their Facebook post,

Over twice as much workout space as our Newburgh & North facilities. We’ve even added additional fitness space instead of a pool & basketball court (don’t worry, pools & basketball will still be available at our current clubs!)

What Can I Expect at the New Location?

Other amenities include infrared saunas, HydroMassage, a shake bar, and 24-hour access seven days a week, in addition to the all-new CycleX studio and Ignite studio with "InBody, Therabody, Echelon, and more."

If cardio is your jam (or if you're like me and you loathe it but know you need to do it anyway) the new location will include more than 90 machines to get your heart pumping.

Will The Current Eastside Location Stay Open?

Once the new facility is completed and opened for business, the current eastside location at 345 Bentee Wes Court will be closed, according to information shared by Bob's in the comments of their Facebook post.

For additional information, including additional amenities and services, and how you can become a member of BFit by Bob's Gym, visit their website B.Fit.

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