This morning on The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West we were talking about what the WORST Halloween candy is.  We got some great feedback from our listeners which you can check out below.  Also, I have put together a list of the top 5 worst Halloween candies for me personally.  Check it out!


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#1: THOSE DISGUSTING DOTS THAT ARE STUCK ON PAPER.  Nothing makes a food look more appetizing than affixing to toilet paper.



#2: CANDY CORN...  Just, no.  I don't want to eat a candle.








#3: TOOTSIE ROLLS.  These bland chocolate treats are doubly bad because you get SO MANY of them every Halloween.


#4: RAISINS.  The fact that anybody would even consider handing out general produce as a Halloween candy sickens me.  Like, WTF?  What do you have in store for us next year, cucumbers?


#5: ANY NAMELESS CANDY.  You know what is a good candy?  Twix.  Kit Kat.  Snickers.  You know what's a bad candy?  "Those peanut butter-flavored things wrapped in the heavy black wrapper."  You're dismissed.