A few weeks ago, I sampled a couple of bourbon balls that had come from Green River Distillery. They were phenomenal and potent. But then again, "potency" is probably an important factor when judging these particular confections. Let's just say critics would have been pleased.

Bourbon Balls -- a Kentucky Staple

If you're in Kentucky--and especially if you're a native--bourbon balls just come with the territory when comes to candy in the Commonwealth. And honestly, if you skimp on the bourbon when making them, you might as well eat those nasty creme drops that pop up around Christmas.  Yes, I know people love them, but people also love licorice.

But back to bourbon balls. I found this particular recipe to be ACES. Plus, it feels better to me that they're CALLED Kentucky Derby bourbon balls here:

Of course, most people, for whatever reasons, do not make bourbon balls until the holiday season. I'm not sure when that became a thing--they're amazing anytime--but it is, and it certainly doesn't have to be.

Rebecca Ruth Candies -- Where Bourbon Balls Were Invented

At Rebecca Ruth Candies in Frankfort, they likely scoff at the idea of only enjoying bourbon balls when Hallmark Christmas movies are on and Rudolph returns for another trip around the globe. I mean, if your candy store is the candy store that INVENTED bourbon balls and it's been in operation for more than a century, you're making bourbon balls 24/7/365. (Well, maybe not 24; they're only open 10 AM to 6 PM every day. But you get me.)

A Virtual Tour of Rebecca Ruth Candies

Watch how Rebecca Ruth Candies churn out their world-class bourbon balls:

So, as you saw AND heard, there ARE some seasonal candies at Rebecca Ruth's, but not the bourbon balls. And yes, after watching that I could polish off a handful. But I have to drive home, so...

Rebecca Ruth Candies also houses a museum. Here's one tourist who DID wait until Christmas for a visit:

If you're searching for fun road trip ideas for the summer, and you're going to be in the Frankfort area, this sounds like a mighty fine place to stop.

Just don't forget to pack your sweet tooth.

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