Gordmans has announced they are filing bankruptcy, but what does this mean for our local store?

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Earlier today, Gordmans announced they'll be filing bankruptcy. We have a Gordmans in Evansville next to Best Buy so the big question is "What does this mean for our local store?"

I called the Evansville Gordmans and spoke to a manager named Tommy. I asked him if this bankruptcy meant the Evansville store was going to close. He said that "He couldn't comment on that at this time." While he wouldn't confirm what was happening, everyone can now begin speculating what this might mean.


According to a new article from Andrew Dunn from Bloomberg, Gordmans has begun the bankruptcy process with a liquidation process planned. However, for the time being, Chief Executive Officer Andy Hall, says the stores will operate "as usual without interruption."

At least for the time being it looks like things are good to go, but I wouldn't grow too attached (and start stocking up on some deals).

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