Once again, I've dug through the depths of Evansville's Facebook Marketplace to find the most hysterical items people are trying to sell around the Tri-State.

You know the drill by now. I do a weekly sweep (sometimes daily) of the Marketplace tab on Facebook. I have also recently expanded my search to Evansville Buy, Sell, Trade, where I have also found some hidden gems during my searches. Between the two forums, there are dozens of items people are trying desperately to sell in exchange for a couple bucks. Some of these items are comical, and those are the ones I like to share with you.

Here's this week's edition of It Came From Evansville Marketplace:


Me trying to see what's even in this picture:


Ah, yes, we are all dying to get your wrinkle reducer skin pads.


WOW. Now I'm going to have nightmares. Thanks.


Oh THANK GOD it was lady driven!!!! Such delicate, fragile drivers certainly didn't cause any damage to the vehicle. I'll stop now before I explode into a full-blown feminist rant.


Weed undies!!! Just what I always wanted!!! AND it includes pot lead pasties? Truly a steal.


This is a joke...right? So, basically you're wanting me to come pick up your trash for you.


Hope ya got the swing, 'cause we only got the chains.


Why do I actually need this giant $10 slinky now? Sold.


I mean we certainly couldn't clean the crumbs ourselves, so please give us $15 and then clean it yourself.


There has never been a more Evansville thing for sale in the history of Marketplace.


Oh, YAY! More weed undies. I think I like the bottom pair the best...what about you?


As always, tag KISS106 in any hilarious Evansville Marketplace posts you see! Life is better when we can all laugh together.